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Costa Rica Movers

Moving Service in Costa Rica

We offer coverage throughout the national territory, 24/7.

We specialize in moves, transportation of personal items and corporate transportation. As a responsible efficient company, before performing any of these services we will send one of our staff members to your location -at no additional cost- to assess the following steps.

  1. Number and dimensions of items.
  2. Requirements for loading and unloading.
  3. Number of people to do the job.
  4. Define type of truck or vehicle needed.
  5. Distance between place of origin and destination.
  6. Amount and type of supplies for proper packaging (optional).

After conducting the above steps, both the client and we can prepare ourselves and it helps us guarantee an excellent service according to the budget of our customers.

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Our Services
  •   Family Moving
  •   Moving for college students
  •   Office and industrial warehouse removals
  •   Local moving and throughout the country
  •   On site quote at no cost
  •   Transport of Personal Items
  •   Professional packing operation
  •   Inventory at the start and completion of the job
  •   Transport of pets or animals
  •   Storage

Costa Rica Movers

Tips for a Successful Move

  Take into account the time it will take to move from home. Help of a professional in the field could come in handy.

  Make sure that the moving company is accountable if something goes wrong.

  Keep in mind and handy before packing, the supplies needed to pack and protect your assets.

  You need to know approximately how many people are needed to do the job less stressful.

  Packing and labeling packages by departments of your home is easier at the time to accommodate the things in your new home.

  Find out what type of vehicle you may need and which its requirements should be.

  Ask the service providing company whether you can pay with a credit card so you can use the cash you have on hand in the most relevant things, such as the deposit of your new home.

  Be sure to take the necessary measures if you are going to be moving during rainy season, in order not expose your property to get wet.

  Ask your new landlord about the time frame to download in your new neighborhood or Tower, in order to avoid having a very hard time if you arrive later than allowed.

  If you move to a tower, coordinate with security officers or managers to secure the elevators and avoid damage when moving your items.

  Always ask yourself a question that needs to be done in each move and is the following: Do I really need all of these objects, clothing, household goods and furniture? The answer can be quite clear; there's always something we can get rid of for a better live in the new home. Discard anything you no longer use before packing, so you will save time, space and money. If there is something you have have not used or taken out of the box in 6 months, DON'T TAKE IT!

  Request a few days off at work so you can do to everything with ease and make it less stressful.

  Do not let a company without proper guarantees and policies to ensure your security do the move.

  And if there is something we know is that people like discretion and no one likes their new neighbors see in detail what is being downloaded; so make sure that your mover provides packing service, so that people see only a package -this also to prevent thieves from seeing what things of value the new neighbor has.

Benefits of Mudanzas M&H
  •   Moves start at ¢40,000.00 colones
  •   INS Cargo insurance Policy
  •   We accept all major credit/debit cards
  •   Trucks are fully covered by INS Assistance
  •   Modern trucks in perfect condition
  •   Own Fleet
  •   We adjust to your budget as near as possible
  •   Availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  •   Highly qualified staff
  •   We perform all types of moves
  •   We are accountable for the work we do
  •   Container-type Trucks

Costa Rica Movers

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Moving Company in Costa Rica

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