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moving and relocation company in Costa Rica

Moving Service

To United States

From Costa Rica to the United States or From the United States to Costa Rica

You need to move from Costa Rica to the United States or from the United States to Costa Rica and you don't know where to start? give us a call and request your free quote. We're experts moving and relocating in these destinations: New Jersey, New York, Miami and Los Angeles; we also provide service to any other destination within the USA.

We take care of everything, starting at the original location until your final destination, from beginning to end, such as inventory, packing, weighing, DUA preparation, export and import process, tax and customs procedures, insurance policies, transportation land-sea-air. Don't worry, we do it for you.

Keep in mind that when you work with Mudanzas MyH you will always have an Expert Agent in International Moving right next to you, who will guide you and provide support at all times during your moving process.

moving service united states

We're Pet Friendly, if you want to bring your pet, which is logically part of the family, we take care of all the permits and general procedures, as well as all the transport logistics until your pet reach the final destination safe and sound.

moving service pet friendly usa
international relocation services
Frequently Asked Questions
Depends on several key factors: the type of transportation, taxes, amount of household items and nationality.
Sometimes there are items with chemicals or non-smoking products that are not allowed or you need to request a special permit.
Depends on the destination and the type of transportation you use (land, sea or air)
Tips to Turn your International Moving into Success!

  Remember to get rid of everything you DON'T Need before the move, this will save you money.

  Some of the items you want to relocate might be more expensive to transport than to buy a brand new at your new destination, don't forget to ask us about the list of items.

  Make sure that the moving company you're going to use has the proper insurance policies so that your household items are covered at all times.

Our Services
  •   Moving Service to Families.
  •   Relocation.
  •   Industrial transport.
  •   Customs procedures.
  •   Payment and tax procedures.
  •   Packing and packaging.
  •   Animal transport.
  •   Warehouse.
  •   Inventory and weighing.
Mudanzas M&H Benefits
  •   Insurance policies.
  •   Pocket agent.
  •   More than 20 years of experience running imports and exports.
  •   You will always be informed of the moving status at all times.
  •   We take care of everything for you.

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Moving Company in Costa Rica

Request at quote on site through our Online Form and you will automatically receive a 10% discount on the final cost of the moving service.

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