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Warehouse for Rent Costa Rica

Warehouse Space Rental/Lease Service

Mudanzas M&H has facilities and experience in warehouse storage facilities. This service is available from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm.

We offer you the option of renting spaces in our clean, safe warehouses, at an affordable price.

Our customers can have peace of mind when asking the question, will there be enough space for my items in a warehouse?

We take care of the estimation of articles vs. space, with this you get a fair price in accordance with the space you truly need.

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Our Services
  •   Spaces start at 3 square meters
  •   Rentals start at one month's lease
  •   Payment facilities
  •   On site Quote
  •   Loading/unloading and accommodation in warehouse

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Warehouse Rental Costa Rica

Tips Before You Rent a Warehouse

  Make sure there is enough space for all your belongings in the warehouse you will rent, since there are several options in the market that sell measures and cost per square meter, but they never make sure that there is enough room in a single warehouse, thus making you rent an additional one. Make sure this does not make you have a hard time.

  Pack everything safely, since the storage is usually for a long period of time.

  Simply code all the packed boxes alphanumerically, making inventory tasks easier.

  You should always know the working hours of the warehouse.

  See if the warehouse administration provides packing supplies.

  Ask about the shortest time that you can rent the warehouse for.

  See if there is a human team, as well as carrying tools.

  Ask if they offer transportation service.

Our Warehouses are ideal for storing

  House Goods

  Goods and inventories


  Office furniture

Benefits of Mudanzas M&H
  •   Delivery service from the place of origin to the warehouse and final destination monitored by GPS.
  •   Contracts start at a month's term.
  •   Spaces from 3 square meters (11 sq. ft.).
  •   Packing supplies store.
  •   Load and carry equipment.
  •   20 minutes is enough to have your space in the warehouse.
  •   Internal and external lighting.
  •   Building complex with a unique access.
  •   Legal Contract.
  •   No space limit.
  •   Team for loading, unloading and accommodation in warehouse.
  •   Free quote on site.
  •   We accept all cards.
  •   Inventory of items.
  •   You only pay for the space you need.

Warehouse Rentals in Costa Rica

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